Hotmail integrated with Skype calling

Hotmail is a free mail service powered by Microsoft. Hotmail was modified to become MSN Hotmail sign in the year 1997 and then it was also known by the name Microsoft Live Hotmail. Finally in the year 2013 it was modified to become Outlook. When it comes to interface and presentation Outlook is quite similar to Microsoft office Outlook. However, Microsoft has added several new features to Outlook email service. One of the main modifications involves its integration with other applications like OneDrive, Calendar, Skype and People. Outlook also has unlimited storage facility.

Skype Integration

hotmail integrated with skype

Hotmail integrated with Skype calling. Recently, Microsoft has integrated its email service Outlook with Skype calling. This was introduced in UK but eventually it was spread to other parts of the world. People who are already on Skype would now be able to view their Skype contacts in their Outlook account too. However, they cannot use Outlook to make calls as in Skype. For making calls they should visit Skype or they should install a plug-in for their Outlook account. Yes, a Skype plug-in is available which will enable you to make calls from your Outlook account. Thus, this integration has added several new features to your as well as Skype.

Features Of Skype Integration

Skype integration has introduced several useful features for the Outlook users. It enables the users to make Skype video call from their Outlook account. Owing to this new integration you do not require to log into your Skype desktop client in order to make calls to your friends. This is a free service and you can make unlimited calls to your friends and family in Skype. This integration has caused lot of hype among the Skype and Outlook users. With this integration, Outlook has not changed any of its previous email-related features. This integration was a result of Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype. Although this event was in May 2011, the integration took time to materialize. Continue reading

How to get Hotmail on your phone?

With the advent of advanced mobile features and applications, people prefer using programs that run on their mobile. This enables them to check their messages wherever they go. This article explain has led to the development of several mobile messenger applications that has been quite popular nowadays. Most of the futuristic mobile phones come with inbuilt features that allow them to use any kind of POP3 in order to connect with different email services. Windows Live or Hotmail is a common host in this case. You can set up Hotmail on your phone either manually or by using an online client. Listed below are the steps to set up Hotmail on your mobile phone.

hotmail phone

  • Type in on the address bar and your browser would open a page that consists of a Sign in section. On the very bottom of the page, to the right side you will be able to see an option called “Help Centre”. Click on that link to enter the Help Centre.
  • When the Help Centre page opens, you will be able to see a menu. From the menu select “Mobile”. This will open up another page. Scroll down while looking at the left hand side. You will be able to see a text link, “Get Hotmail on Your Phone”. Select this link and it will take you to another page.
  • There will be an orange box on the right side top corner. You should enter your phone number in here and then click on the option “Send”. This should automatically connect your mobile with Hotmail. If it doesn’t work, check out the options given on the top. You will be able to view an option called “My Device”. Click on this and follow the instructions given therein.
  • In case you cannot find your mobile phone in the list given under “My Device”, then you might need to configure things manually. Continue reading